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Samorost 3 is the newest game made by Amanita Design.


File:Samorost 3 Official Release Date Trailer


File:Samorost 3 Release Date Trailer



Home Planet

Gnome is in his home when suddenly a trumpet falls down from the sky. Gnome's dog looks at it and calls out. Gnome comes out of his house and examines it. He discovers that he can hear louder with it, hear music and by playing on it summon spirits. He dreams about having new spaceship. Later he finds toadstool and uses trumpet on it. He hears music and plays it. Ghost comes out of toadstool and tells him that he can be his spaceship. He comes to scientist to ask him for help. He tells him that to make a cabin for a space ship he needs bath, levers, seat and plastic bag. After gnome gives him everything he makes cabin and puts it in toadstool. Gnome flies away.

Yellow Planet

Gnome lands on planet and goes out his spaceship. There's a broken cup that needs glue to be in one piece. Gnome finds glue and puts together cup. He finds a way to pour water in it and secret room revels with Psycho-Bugs in it. After playing on their antennae gnome gets a key and flies away.


He lands on it at finds weird hole (place where octopus had its neck) and hears music coming out of it. He repeats it and solves a puzzle. He gets inside and finds a keyhole. He puts key in it and planets gets closer to other planet. Gnome flies away.

Termite Planet

A soon as he lands bad plant stops his rocket from moving. He meets spirit in a burned tree. It tells him about Evil monk coming with dragon. Dragon bites pieces of spirit and burns tree. Gnome finds termites hole where he gives their eggs correct paths to go farther. He meets bee there and helps it get out. He find flower seeds, plants them and uses bees to make a mandrake. He gives it to Tea Maker. Tea Maker makes tea from mandrake, gives gnome a mandrake and tea that makes bad plant die and gnome can fly away.

Volcanic Vent Planet

Gnome lands on planet and meets another sad spirit that tells him how evil monk with dragon ate other young spirits and pushed meteor that they were living on to Volcanic Planet. Gnome finds totems and uses trumpet on them. They tell him what sign should be almost under ground to make them happy. He does that and secret elevator appears. Gnome using it goes down and meat devils that help him get meteor out using mandrake. When meteor is out he can use it to get to next planet.

Monk Planet

Toadstool rocket lands in the gardens. Gnome comes out and goes to lake where he meets monks. They tell him hints and fat one brings gnome to forest. Gnome finds the giant Ant-eater who wants a pumpkin. Gnome comes back to Gardens, gets pumpkin and gives it to his new friend. Ant-eater is happy and helps gnome get to secret passage to tower. He hears there evil monk. He uses poop to make bigger fire. Then Evil Monk comes down, drinks potion made by fire and flies away on his dragon. Gnome steals ball, flies away, lands on a moon and rivis robot giving him ball. He tells robot to defeat the dragon. Robot flies away and has epic battle with dragon. Robot cuts all dragon heads (that you can find later in random places) and cuts dragon to half. Dragon falls to lake and evil monk to probably to his doom. Monk are happy. They give to gnomes rocket magic ring that makes rocket fly everywhere. They go with gnome to the top of the tower and they're playing their trumpet celebrating. It's end of the game, but you can still go everywhere.


1. Samorost 3 Main Theme 07:56
2. Going On An Adventure 04:02
3. Mushroom Picker Dance 01:49
4. Behind The Cosmic Curtain 02:28
5. Constructing The Toadstool Rocket04:49
6. Yellow Furry Mushroom Tune 02:06
7. On The Roof Of The Yellow Psychedelic Mushroom 04:07
8. Prenatal Hunters (Floex Revision)05:37
9. Taste Of Tea (Cosmic Version) 06:39
10. Dry, Wooden and Windy 02:53
11. Mandragora 04:12
12. What Comes Next? 00:39
13. Lianas 03:12
14. Monkey Bath 03:34
15. The Secret Room 03:55
16. Volcanic Vent Planet Main Theme02:48
17. Little Devils' Tune 00:49
18. II V 0 00:25
19. Walk On The Volcano 02:53
20. Drinking Spirits' Spirit 01:11
21. Cave Of The Totems 03:41
22. Rolling An Explosive Clod 01:06
23. Robotic Knight Fight 03:07
24. Monk Planet Main Theme 03:35
25. Gardens 04:30
26. Lake 03:42
27. The Celebration 02:57